Traditional celebration of Labor Day in Maksimir Park

Traditional celebration of Labor Day in Maksimir Park

At the celebration of the International Labor Day in Maksimir Park with a rich music and entertainment program, traditional beans with ricetta, sausages, pancetta and smoked pork and Zagreb štrukla with cheese, many citizens were joined by the mayor of the City of Zagreb.

The program for citizens of all generations is organized on two Maksimir stages, and in addition to musical performances, creative and educational workshops, the City of Zagreb has provided 30,000 portions of beans with ricetta, sausage, pancetta and smoked pork, 20,000 portions of štrukli with cheese and 30,000 kaisers. -buns. The preparation of the beans took place in the Institution "Dobri dom" of the City of Zagreb - PJ "Termički blok-blagovaonica Kosnica" from 20:00 on 30.4. until 12:00 on 1.5. (a total of 26 workers).

Image source: Institution Dobri dom, City of Zagreb

The City of Zagreb provided the following through the "Dobri dom" Institution of the City of Zagreb:

three emergency medical teams on duty
disposable bio-degradable utensils: bowls, spoons and glasses
2 drinking water tanks,
30 stands for distributing beans,
200 pieces of protective fences,
92 benches for eating beans,
1 aluminum tent of 200 m2 (for citizens)
30 mobile sanitary toilets and 2 mobile sanitary toilets for the disabled,
Containers are provided for disposal of generated waste: mixed municipal/30 containers, plastic packaging/45 containers, paper and cardboard/75 containers, bio waste/20 containers, cleaning staff...)

More than 140 employees of the City of Zagreb - the City Office for Social Protection, Health, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities, the "Dobri Dom" Institution of the City of Zagreb and Homes for the Elderly of the City of Zagreb were involved in the event itself, who participated in the preparation and distribution of beans, štrukli, kaizerica - pastries. Programs of the Institution in the form of social services for citizens in need, distribution of meals in public dining halls (1765 meals) and delivery of meals to homes/houses (427 meals), on 1.5. were carried out according to the usual schedule.