Meals in the public kitchen

In the City of Zagreb within the City of Zagreb institution Dobri dom, the realization of the Right to Food in the public kitchen is ensured through four public dining rooms (Business units).

Meals in the public dining rooms are organized daily including lunch preparation and distribution.

The following people have the right to use this help:

  • beneficiaries of permanent and one-off assistance, while there is an urgent need for this under the Social Welfare Act
  • single parent of one or more minor children, if: Beneficiary of permanent assistance and beneficiary of one-off assistance, while there is an urgent need.
  • The right to food in the public kitchen may be provisionally granted to stateless persons permanently resident in the Republic of Croatia, if the circumstances in which they find themselves so require.

This help can be achieved by:

Centre for Social Welfare Zagreb - Regional Office according to the place of residence issuing the Certificate of public kitchen, and the issuance of a social card by the Social Welfare Department of the City Office for Social Welfare and Persons with Disabilities - Nova Cesta 1. The above rights are achieved on the basis of valid Decisions on Social Welfare of the City of Zagreb.

Locations of the city of Zagreb institution Dobri dom where this right can be fulfilled:

  • Business unit „Public dining room Branimirova“, Kneza Branimira 35
  • Business unit „Public dining room Cerska", Cerska 3
  • Business unit „Public dining room Alfirevićeva", Alfirevićeva 6
  • Business unit „ Thermal Block Dining Room Kosnica“, Domovinska ulica 10, Velika Kosnica, which includes meal preparation and Public Dining Room intended for users of the City of Zagreb Red Cross City Shelter.