Few words about us

The founder of the institution is the City of Zagreb (Decision on the establishment of the "Dobri dom" Institution of the City of Zagreb, Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb, 03/04).

The institution "Dobri dom" of the City of Zagreb provides social services to citizens in need of social protection based on the Decision on Social Welfare (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 22/22, 29/22, 08/23 and 30/23).

The decision on social welfare (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 22/22, 29/22, 08/23 and 30/23) establishes social welfare rights which, in addition to the rights provided by the Republic of Croatia on the basis of the Law on Social Welfare (Official Gazette 18/ 22, 46/22, 119/22 and 71/23), provided by the City of Zagreb.

In this way, the City of Zagreb, as a unit of local self-government, provides additional care for citizens by improving their living conditions, and covers all age groups, including children from infancy to senior citizens.

  • Meals in public dining rooms (daily from 11.00 to 13.30) (weekends, holidays, public holidays

-The business unit „Public dining room Branimirova, Kneza Branimira 3
-The business unit "Public dining room Cerska", Cerska 3
-The business unit "Public dining room Alfirevićeva", F. Alfirevića 6
-The business unit "Thermal block – public dining room Kosnica" (meal preparation), Kosnica - Domovinska 10

  • Delivery of a hot meal to a house for the elderly people in social protection needs (PJ "Vozni park", F. Alfirevića 6, every day on weekends, holidays, public holiday...)
  • Assistance in dairy food for children from 0-12 months (F. Alfirevića 6, 1x per month, quantities sufficient for 30 days),
  • Food packages for families (Zagreb Fair, 1 x per month)

Creating and nurturing the authenticity of an organization means finding a way to face the challenge of diversity and stay true to yourself - authentic, and be accepted, have an impact on society for the benefit of the most vulnerable and at risk groups and work for the common good.

From the very beginning of the Institution's work, almost 20 years ago (2004), the figures speak in part about the authenticity of our Institution, which is binding: 32 million meals were distributed in public dining rooms; 2.9 million meals were delivered to the homes of elderly and infirm citizens in social need; 330 000 food packages were distributed to families in the Family Package Assistance Program; 68 200 packages of dairy food were distributed to families with children aged 0-12 months.

As part of its activities, the institution prepares its meals for the following institutions/organizations arising from the social welfare sector of the City of Zagreb and beyond, for their users:

  • " HOME DUGA - City institution for victims of domestic violence and the City of Zagreb.
  • "CENTER NOVI JELKOVEC - Centre for providing services in the community“.
  • “Day Care Centre for Rehabilitation of Children and Young Adults MALI DOM-ZAGREB”
  • Shelter for the homeless of the City Society of the Red Cross of the City of Zagreb, Kosnica
  • SILVER Rehabilitation Centre
  • Caritas of the Zagreb Archdiocese

The preparation of meals for the needs of public dining halls takes place in the "Thermal block of Kosnica" Business Unit. The finished meals are then transported to public dining halls, where they are distributed to fellow citizens in need. It is recommended to wear protective face masks and hand disinfection, as well as physical distance.

Menus for the needs of the Institution are planned 14 days in advance. Foodstuffs used for the daily preparation of meals must correspond in quality to the valid legal regulations and regulations on the quality of goods and foodstuffs in circulation and must be correctly declared. Health control of foodstuffs, drinking water and wastewater, as well as the assessment of microbiological cleanliness in facilities for the production and distribution of foodstuffs, is carried out periodically throughout the year by authorized institutions.

In these truly extraordinary circumstances (the COVID-19 pandemic) in which we find ourselves, health and safety is our common priority. Timely, decisive and professional action from the very beginning of the epidemic and the provision of a sufficient amount of protective equipment for the appropriate security equipment of the system and thus the full implementation of epidemiological measures, enabled continuous availability of social services to citizens to this day. All employees of the Institution are "on the first line of exposure" bravely, reasonably, professionally at the service of citizens in need.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic and the earthquake in the City of Zagreb, the institution has been preparing hot meals every day (until September 13, 2021) for institutions engaged in certain jobs related to extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves:

  • “Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute of Public Health”, Zagreb
  • “Zagreb Emergency Medicine Service”, Zagreb
  • “Public Fire Brigade” of the City of Zagreb.

The institution very actively participated (until September 13, 2021) in the organization and implementation of vaccination of citizens of the City of Zagreb against SARS-CoV-2 virus by preparing, delivering and distributing hot meals to health professionals at the following vaccination points:

  • Zagreb Fair – Hall nr. 6, Av. Dubrovnik 15, Zagreb
  • 220 meals High School “Lucijan Vranjanin” Zagreb, Trg hrvatskih pavlina 1, Zagreb
  • Technical High School “Jelkovec”, Vladimira Strahuljaka 1, Zagreb - Sesvete
  • Sports facility management institution – “Dom športova”, Trg Krešimira Čosića 11, Zagreb

In the Institution, we pay the greatest attention to the quality and safety of the final product, as well as the entire technological process and the relationship with service users, in order to enable our fellow citizens in need to use our social services carefree. Therefore, our work and all procedures resulting from it, as well as the final product, must not only meet the highest standards. Along with further additional caution and the application of measures to protect the health of service users and the health of employees, certain implemented "crisis" epidemiological measures are still an integral part of health and sanitary-hygienic safety protocols.

Daily behaviour according to the principles that derive from the Food Quality and Safety Management system - HACCP, quality management ISO 9001:2015, waste management system ISO 14001 and health and safety management system ISO 45001, aims to provide our citizens in need of social protection nutritionally high quality, healthy and safe meal. Safety first.

The aim of established self-control systems is to prevent and reduce the risk of potential hazards to the lowest possible extent and to emphasize healthy and safe food and the same environment. The establishment of an effective system of self-control in crisis situations is only possible if the preconditions have been previously established, and good hygiene and production practices have been upgraded with health and sanitary-hygienic safety protocols which, along with the diligent work of the institution's employees, have enabled, among other things, continuous preparation and distribution 3,11 million hot meals during 1020 days (without interruption) for vulnerable groups of citizens of the city of Zagreb, citizens who died in the earthquake, displaced persons, health services, members of the civil protection service and firefighting units.

The institution "Dobri dom" of the City of Zagreb has been registered as a subject in the food business with associated facilities (table in the attachment) from the very beginning of the registration obligation, i.e., the operation thereof, at the State Inspectorate of the Republic of Croatia.

​The State Inspectorate registers entities in the food business and related facilities, establishes, maintains and regularly updates the Register of entities and related facilities in the food business under the jurisdiction of the sanitary inspection. Recording is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Article 75 of the Act on official controls and other official activities carried out in accordance with the regulations on food, animal feed, animal health and welfare, plant health and plant protection products (Narodne novine, number 52/ 21), and the provisions of the Ordinance on the manner of recording and maintaining the Register of subjects and associated facilities in the food business under the jurisdiction of the sanitary inspection of the State Inspectorate (Narodne novine, number 101/22).

It is extremely important to respect the users of our services and listen carefully to them in order to further improve the quality of our service. Users have the right and obligation to participate in the work of the Institution by suggesting, commenting, criticizing and praising the results of our work, as well as the way we treat them in our daily communication. Humanity above all.

In this way, we have the opportunity and obligation to justify and maintain our position in the community through a humane and business framework that defines us through HUMANITY, SAFETY, AVAILABILITY, RELIABILITY, QUALITY, TRUST AND RESPONSIBILITY, which are at the centre of every decision we make. This is primarily expected from us by the users of our social services, the founder of the City of Zagreb, all of us employees of the Institution and ultimately the citizens of the City of Zagreb.

Beneficiaries exercise their right to the mentioned types of social welfare assistance at the City Office for Social Protection, Health, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities through a referral/certificate from the competent Croatian Institute for Social Welfare as a person in need of social protection and based on an insight into their social status.

The list of beneficiaries of a particular right is determined by the City Office for Social Protection, Health, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities, and the same issues a SOCIAL CARD with which the beneficiary exercises a particular right. The revision of the right to the same is carried out twice a year by the expert services of the City Office for Social Protection, Health, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities.

Organization chart of the Institution "Dobri dom" City of Zagreb
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