Signed voluntary agreement - Together against food waste

Signed voluntary agreement - Together against food waste

"Minister of Agriculture Marija Vučković is with the Director of the Directorate for Animal Husbandry and Food Quality Zdravko Barać on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, in Zagreb, attended the signing of a voluntary agreement on the prevention and reduction of food waste "

"Together against food waste", which is one of the important measures of the Food Waste Prevention and Reduction Plan of the Republic of Croatia and the reform measure "Improving the food donation system" from the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience.

The agreement was signed by the Ministry of Agriculture and representatives of food producers and processors, trade, hospitality, the scientific and academic community, local and regional self-government units, non-profit organizations and initiatives, as well as associations and companies. The agreement currently has 33 signatories, and during its duration of five years, it is available for accession by new signatories. The DOBRI DOM institution of the City of Zagreb is one of the signatories of the Voluntary Agreement.
The signing of the agreement was attended by the director of the institution, Alen Župan.
With their signature, the signatories voluntarily undertake to invest efforts in reducing food waste in their business processes, to donate food, but also to actively communicate with consumers. In this way, the Agreement includes a complete chain of activities, from food production and processing to households.
In Croatia, more than 286,000 tons of food are thrown away annually, and even though we are among the EU countries with the smallest amount of food waste per capita, we continue to make further strides by implementing the measures and activities contained in the new Plan for the prevention and reduction of food waste until 2028 .

Thanks were expressed to the signatories for their socially responsible and socially sensitive business, as well as to everyone who participates in the activities carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture in this segment, thus contributing to the common goal of reducing food waste in the Republic of Croatia by 30% by 2028.

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