Daily meal and delivery right

‘Meals on the wheels’ program

'Meals on the wheels' program is intended for citizens of the City of Zagreb who, due to physical or mental disability, permanent changes in health or old age, are unable to prepare meals by themselves or with the help of a family member and who, due to their extremely poor financial status, are unable to provide meeting this need with some other form of service. The right to achieve this help is determined by the City Office for Social Welfare and Persons with Disabilities.

Under the 'Meals on the wheels' program, daily meals / lunches are provided to customers on a daily basis, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays by the employees of Business unit "Vozni park". This Program covers the entire area of the City of Zagreb (including the outskirts of Sesvete, Novi Zagreb and Susedgrad).

In cooperation with the City Office for Social Welfare and Persons with Disabilities, daily meal preparation is ensured in the following elderly homes:

  • Elderly home "Centar", Klaićeva ulica 10
  • Elderly home "Trešnjevka", Drenovačka 30
  • Elderly home "Peščenica", Donje svetice 89
  • Elderly home "Ksaver", Nemetova 2
  • Elderly home "Maksimir", Hegedušićeva 20
  • Elderly home "Medveščak" Trg D. Iblera 8
  • Elderly home "Sv. Ana" Islandska 2
  • Elderly home "Dubrava" M. Gavazzija 26
  • Elderly home "Sv. Josip" Dunjevac 17
  • Elderly home "Dnevni centar Sv. Josip", Bolnička c. 1
  • Elderly home "Trnje" Poljička ulica 12.